Our Family


It’s the ultimate blessing to work with those you love, and the Peary family is going into their 12th year together. Karen and Bill married 25 years ago, have three daughters (oldest is Allie) and five grandchildren! They are all primary photographers, challenge each other with new ideas, and have unique styles. United as a team, they each have individual strengths within the business; thus clients work with all three of us during the process.

Bill’s involvement in photography started as a young boy in Alabama. His mother was a newspaper photojournalist and taught him all she knew. It remained a hobby until early 2000, when he started being asked to capture weddings and events. As business grew, Bill went into photography full-time, and Peary Photography LLC was created.

Visionary. Bad Hair. Cork Puller. Dog's best friend. Loyal. Musician. Rides a Bike Backwards. Bad Jokes.

(researcher, equipment needs, editing process & delivery, product orders, generally Peary’s lead photographer)

Karen started assisting Bill, and quickly learned that she has her own artistic eye and unique way of capturing emotion behind the lense. She loves to shoot “off camera” and gets the image that is timeless, intimate and tells the story.

Beach Lover. Poet. Fearful of snakes. Giver. Kindhearted. Intuitive. Mom

(organizes “day-of” list and needs, financial reminders and confirmations, website controller, lead florist, officiant, and photographer)

Allie returned to Austin from Chicago in 2010. After graduating from University of Texas in 2004, teaching, and auditing classes at Northwestern (Kellogg) business school in 2009, she was eager to take the business to the next level. Allie quickly learned she, too, loved having a camera in her hand and interacting with the clients!

Community Volunteer. Mother of 3. Type A. Designer. Driven. Organized. Chef. Blissfully Naive.

(responds to inquiries, sales, marketing, correspondence, coordination, florals, officiant, photographer)

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